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Colaris FREE


Colaris is a logic puzzle game where you have to help Blue, Red, Purp, Green and Yell to reach their coloured goals. red smiles can only be affected by red arrows, blue smiles by blue arrows and so on. So simply change the colour and direction and they will change their direction, when they roll on them. When you think your setup is correct, press the play button. Every few levels they will conversate and give you further instructions of their plan. Can you help them?-6 challenging worlds with-8 levels per world-Online highscores (google play)-Achievements (google play)-New graphic theme every 2 worlds-Lovely conversations between the smiles and-Hours of fun
This is the free version of colaris and contains advertisments.If you want to get rid of the ads, you can purchase the ad-free version for a small amount on google play.